Mindfulness Mandala Learn how to create these wonderful concentric decorative patterns with a variety of mediums. The process of creating the mandala can be very therapeutic. The idea of focusing on a piece of art causes us to transcend our reality and live in the precise moment in which creativity takes place. This is a wonderful class for anyone experiencing stress and who may be looking for a positive outlet to relieve it. No experience is required!  All supplies provided. Mixed Media Printmaking     We will be creating two printing plates.  We will also explore some unexpected materials for print.  A variety of substrates will be printed onto.  You will go home with plenty of fodder for your collage, journals, cards and stitching possibilities. Embedded Fibres   I am sure that I am not the only one who collects interesting yarns and fibres.  This workshop is a great way to use up some of that beautiful stash.  No, you don’t need to bring any of your collection to class.  I have mor


  As a photographer, I love to get up close and personal with my subjects.  Exploring minute detail, paying attention to the magnificent, I aim to capture the glorious intricacies and beauty I find all around me.  I encourage the viewer to be in the moment and enjoy a sense of wonder. My kaleidoscope images have been created with a technique that I developed.  I hope they inspire joy! Here are just some of my floral portraits.  Nature is a great restorer of my soul and delight in composing an interesting image from it. Postcards from the Wrecking Yard.  I have spent many hours finding interesting abstract images in a auto wrecking yard.  The rust and peeling paint look beautiful to my eye.

Curriculum Vitae

 Angela Grasse 34 Rose Street, Kitchener, Ontario  519-745-3219 Statement As a self-taught artist, I have developed a practice of experimenting with my own ideas, which seem boundless.  Curiosity and research continually drive me daily.  For over 20 years I have taken an explorative approach towards art-making. My optimistic approach to life is represented in my art as I find beauty in even the most difficult circumstances.  This beautiful, imperfect life I live is meant to be shared through my creativity, resourcefulness and curiosity.  I hope to influence my audience with joy.    Studied under Paula Nadelstern, Jan Beaney, Jean Littlejohn, Penny Berens, Helen Hughes, Jacqui Clarkson, Gunnel Hag, Marion Spanjerdt,  Marg Peters, Jacqueline Sullivan, Gloria Loughman, Cheryl Moote and Sandra Spagnuolo. Selected Exhibitions and Curating       2020 Walk Bye Jersey City Parks, Jersey City, NJ, USA       2020 Art a la Carte Legislative Assembly, Queen's Park, Toron